Tommaso Fascino Review

The Tommaso Fascino 700-25c road bike was added to the Tommaso product lineup in 2018, and it is potentially one of the best value drop handle road bikes available today. Changing times in the bike industry have led to a shift in consumer behavior and gone are the days when all bikes are manufactured in China. Bloomberg Article

The direct to consumer economy has benefited smaller bike manufacturers and bicycle consumers alike, Tommaso Bikes is no exception. More and more, bike brands are shipping bikes directly to your house, and bicycle prices continue to drop from savings from the narrower supply chain.

Tommaso Fascino Road Bike Pros:

  • Exclusively sold online from the manufacturer, with excellent customer service, and ships directly to your front door or preferred bike shop. The shopping experience is quite enjoyable.
  • Double butted aluminum Frame and Fork with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.
  • A full Shimano Drivetrain

Tommaso Fascino Cons:

  • The brake calipers are probably the weakest point, but if you communicate directly with the assembly team, and purchase the Ready to Ride build, it is an easy upgrade to Shimano calipers at purchase or down the road when you are ready to upgrade.
  • And the wheels are not your top shelf carbon wheelset, but with a proper wheel true, and hub adjustments, they are more than adequate for a newbie road cyclist.

Tommaso bikes are close to the front of a global shift of retail sales moving to the web. The Tommaso Fascino is available on,, and Check out the Ready to Ride Build if you are looking to purchase through the manufacturer's website, but profesional assembly can also be added on your Amazon order details.