Direct to Consumer Road Bike Brands


If you don't have the need to purchase the name brand bike, you can find great offers from smaller direct to consumer road bike companies.


DTC Road Bike Brand Country RBR Brand Review
Allied  United States coming soon
Bulls Bikes Germany coming soon
Canyon Bikes Germany RBR Review - Canyon Bikes
Diamondback United States RBR Review - RBR Review - Diamondback
Dolan UK coming soon
Felt Bikes United States Felt
Fezzari Bikes United States Fezzari
Kona Canada coming soon
Masi Bikes United Masi
Moots United coming soon
Planet-X UK coming soon
Polygon Bikes Indonesia Polygon
Raliegh Bikes United States Raliegh
Ribble UK coming soon United States coming soon


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Direct to Consumer Bike Brands are Putting Downward Pressure on Road Bike Prices