Haanjo Adventure Bike

Photos by @garretvs

The Haanjo Adventure/Gravel Bike is a Road Bike With Mountain Tires

Front and Rear thru-axles are equipped on all Haanjo Carbon Models, reducing flex at the wheels.

The Haanjo Gravel Bike is designed to accommodate... 

 27.5″ MTB wheels (with 2.1″ tires) or700c road wheels (with 40c tires).

The Haanjo Gravel Bike has the geometry to be taken on any type of Bike Ride, Anywhere

When was the last time you felt truly lost in such a way that everything made sense? Lost in Place explores drifting out of the mundane and into the very best of your memory bank. Join Kerry Werner Jr. aboard the all new Diamondback Haanjo Carbon Trail!