The Best Options Available to Ship my Bicycle


Shipping costs have been rising from all carriers as more large packages enter the transportation network. Blame it on furniture companies, or blame it on large televisions, but larger and larger packages are getting shipped through the standard domestic delivery services. The bike industry is right in the middle of these price increases and it is becoming every so harder to find an efficient shipping service for any individual.

You have a few options to ship bikes.

1. First you will hav  to find a bike box, but this is easy to find. Walk into any big box sporting goods store or bike shop, mot likely they built up a bike that day and have empty bike boxes that will just be thrust into a recycle pile of cardboard.

2. You want to have some way to package the bike so that it is not damaged during shipping. I  have seen a number of creative options, some that work well, and some that probably caused mroe damage to the bike than if nothing was added. I would suggest PVC insulation that can be purchased at Home Depot, it usually come in multiple sizes and works perfect for protecting the bicycle frame.

3. Once your bike is packed, you have a number of options for actually shipping the box. We suggest using a bicycle partnered carrier like


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