Shimano Chain Pin Sizes and Markings

Shimano Chain Pin Sizes and Markings

We have to take in a number of considerations past the length of the bicycle chain. Here are a few pointers to think about when repacing chains.


Term Clarification

Chain Pitch - the length of the chain between adjacent roller pin centers, is consistent across all speeds of chains hence why you can use the park tool chain wear gauge for all chain types

Chain Width (Internal) -  the measurement of the width of the inner link plates. Chain width, as defined by standard methods of measuring chains, is 3/32-inch (2.38mm) on all bicycle derailleur chains.

Outer Chain Width - greatest outside width of the chain; often this turns out to be the width of the pins (that go through each roller and connect the plates).

**This is the “width” people are talking about when they say, “an 11spd chain is narrower than a 10spd chain.”


Outer Chain Width by number of rear sprockets supported

  • 8 speed – 7.1 mm (all brands)
  • 9 speed – 6.6 to 6.8 mm (all brands)
  • 10 speed – 6.2 mm (Shimano, Campagnolo)
  • 10 speed (Narrow) – 5.88 mm (Campagnolo, KMC)
  • 11 speed – 5.5 mm (Campagnolo, KMC, CN-9000)