Shimano R2000 Claris Component Review

Shimano R2000 Claris Component Review

Shimano Best Claris Groupset Yet!

Ever tried to get into the sport of road cycling and everything is just too expensive? It seemed like every road bike on the shop floor was way above the price range you though that you were going to pay? New in 2018, consumers will start to see R2000 Claris components equipped on road bikes in shops across America. Claris has become a premiere price point road groupset from Shimano that does not get enough attention for the strives. Soon consumers will be able to get a high quality Claris road bicycle for a more entry price-point to road cycling.

The Claris Groupset has been a focus for the Shimano team for a while now and it is really starting to show with the products that they are manufacturing. If you are interested in Claris component history prior to the R2000, check out The Evolution of Claris, that is a detailed look to the last 5 years of Claris components.

Shimano continues to show component manufacturing prowess this year with new updates a component line that has already seen recent updates. R2000 Claris brings component technology to consumers that was only available on 105 and above just three years ago. If you are looking for a quality road bike Claris may be the answer.

First thing that you will notice is the shifter cables are now routed under the bar tape similar to that of the Tiagra Ultegra, and Dura-ace. This means that when looking down at the space between the shifters yo

The Crank is now a 4 arm configuration with Shimano hollow-tech BB. The Rear derailleur ties it all in with an aesthetically pleasing look.

For a complete overview of all R2000 Claris products. Click the link below.